Cooking Eating Tips

Tips for Snacks

We all have hectic days where it is difficult to plan ahead and eat healthy. Here are a few tips and recommendations for when you are in a hurry and need a quick snack!

While snacking, make sure to keep an eye on portion size. Here is a guide to suggested serving sizes:

Raw Fruits and Vegetables […]

Tips for Eating Out

It might seem impossible to eat healthy when dining out. But with a few tips, you can choose healthier food options so you can continue to enjoy your favorite restaurants. Here are some tips we’ve collected:

Italian Restaurants

1. Choose Whole Grains. Many restaurants are now offering whole wheat pasta, which contains more fiber and nutrients than regular […]

Tips for Meal Prep

One of the best ways to eat better is by preparing your own meals with a wide variety of fiber- and antioxidant-rich vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. Meal preparation, however, can be challenging with PD. Strategic planning and reorganization will make meal preparation easier, safer and less tiring. Here are nine ways to streamline […]