Join our September Expert Q&A with Dr. Bethany Tennant to learn about nutrients that can support healthy eating and help improve your Parkinson’s symptoms.

On Tuesday, September 14, Dr. Bethany Tennant, ND, CNS, LMT will talk specifically about what foods to incorporate into your diet to support healthy eating and help improve your Parkinson’s symptoms. Dr. Tennant will be available to take your questions.
And stay tuned right after the Expert Q&A, we will premiere a new recipe and video from Chef Kenny James, personal chef to some of the Blazers greats, that specifically addresses healthy eating and Parkinson’s. Dr. Tennant will assist Chef Kenny with a starting 5 of ingredients that can help manage some of the common Parkinson’s symptoms. And then, Chef Kenny will go live on BGF’s Instagram that week to talk about the recipe and take your questions.
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About Dr. Bethany Tennant, ND CNS LMT

Dr. Tennant is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and Certified Nutrition Specialist. She graduated with honors in research from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Following graduation, she went on to complete a post-doctoral research fellowship on Parkinson’s disease and nutrition. Natural sports medicine is her specialty – she was trained in New York as a sports massage therapist – and she deals with matters of prevention, performance, recovery, pain management, and injury rehabilitation with high-school, college, and professional level athletes (USATF, D-League, FIBA, NBA, NFL).
A New York native, she earned her bachelor’s degree at Houghton College as a pre-med student and varsity scholarship basketball player.

Her areas of interest include sports medicine, pain management, and neurodegenerative conditions. She has collaborated with the Brian Grant Foundation as nutrition expert and executive committee member; Nike N7 as an Ambassador; Damen Bell-Holter as a Health & Wellness Advisor to his Blessed to Bless camps; and MaxHoops and Open Gym Premier as sports nutrition guest speaker. She has also presented at several high school and college programs in the area of sports nutrition training.

Learn more about Dr. Bethany Tennant here!
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Sep 14 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm