There’s nothing more joy-inducing than watching your favorite person open the holiday gift you thoughtfully chose for them – or, even better – when the thing you purchased also helps support a cause that is important to the both of you.

With gift-giving season just around the corner, it’s a nice reminder to be mindful about giving gifts that not only show your favorite person with Parkinson’s – or your favorite Parkinson’s care partner – how much they mean to you, but that you also care about the causes and organizations they support.

For instance, AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices and shopping features as The only difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate proceeds from that purchase to a charity of your choice.

It just so happens that the Brian Grant Foundation is an Amazon Smile charity partner. So, if you want to see Amazon donate a portion of the proceeds from your holiday gifts to an organization that supports people with Parkinson’s living inspired lives, consider selecting BGF as your charity of choice on AmazonSmile.

All you have to do is open your internet browser, go to and log in using your regular Amazon credentials. You will then be directed to a page that allows you to select the Brian Grant Foundation as your charitable organization.

You will be asked to check a box that says, “I understand that I must always start at to support Brian Grant Foundation.” (So be sure to keep that in mind whenever you want to log onto Amazon and do some shopping!)

Then you can start searching for gifts or day-to-day necessities as you normally would on Amazon – but this time knowing that with every item you buy, you are supporting BGF – an organization that develops resources to improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s – at no extra cost to you. Now that’s something to smile about!

Looking for affordable Parkinson’s gifts?

Here are some gift ideas for your favorite person with Parkinson’s currently available on Amazon for under $25. Don’t forget to log onto before you start shopping to support the Brian Grant Foundation!

These padded eating utensils by Celley help people with Parkinson’s get a better grip on forks, knives and spoons to make eating more manageable.

Marusya’s No Slip Easy Grip Cup was co-designed by a World War II veteran and a team of occupational therapists, hand therapists and rheumatologists, and features comfortable finger indentions on each side.

Thixotropic’s thick, padded, weighted pen is ideal for people with Parkinson’s who struggle with handwriting.

EZ Grip Precision Ergonomic Designed Rotating 360 Degree Stainless Steel Sharp Blade Finger and Toenail Clipper has a neat gripper to help trim nails safely and easily.

BYRIVER’s acupressure, reflexology foot massage slippers massages the feet every time the person takes a step. Finally, shoes that will actually make you want to walk around!

Help people with Parkinson’s regain reading, writing, math and logic skills in this fun “Puzzles for Parkinson’s Patients” book that improves memory and stimulates cognitive thinking.

The Vive Bed Ladder Assist helps people with PD hoist themselves up from a laying position to a seated position. It has a soft, non-slip handle and can be easily installed to any bed.

This iSontech neck and back massage pillow with heating function straps to a driver’s or passenger’s seat, office or dining chair. It pretty much sells itself.

How about affordable care partner gifts?

People who care for loved ones with Parkinson’s deserve to feel pampered. Here are some gift ideas currently available on Amazon for under $25. Don’t forget to log onto before you start shopping to support the Brian Grant Foundation!

Knock Knock’s “What I love about you by me” fill-in-the-blank book gives you a chance to tell your favorite care partner how much they mean to you.

This “Thank you for all that you do” cuff bracelet features a sweet, hand-stamped message on the inside of an chic aluminum cuff.

Do you have a favorite care partner and want everyone to know it? Gift them with this “Best. Caregiver. Ever.” T-shirt. They’ll read your message loud and clear.

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book, right? Consider this option: “A Year of Grace” by Laraine Bennett gives care partners daily reminders of how special they are.

Paper your favorite care partner with this six-piece, soothing, lavender-scented gift basket complete with shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, bath salts, body scrub and loofah sponge.

Help your favorite care partner shop sustainably and make a statement with this “Amazing Awesome Wonderful Beautiful Caregiver” tote bag.

If your care partner loves to drink coffee or tea, bestow them with this sweet “Thank you so very, very, very, very much” gratitude mug by Our Name is Mud.

This ultra-soft and cuddly microfiber throw blanket by Chansaya is adorned with positive messages and wording like hope, faith, love and joy, and comes in a variety of colors.