Join us for a virtual panel with Jaydon Grant, Manju Bangalore, and Mike McCastle sharing their stories about having a parent with Parkinson’s.

Each presenter will share their story, from learning about their parents’ diagnosis to supporting them in their daily lives, and getting involved with Parkinson’s organizations. The evening will end with a Q&A with the audience.

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About the Panel:

Jaydon Grant is Brian Grant’s fourth-oldest out of eight kids. He is currently a redshirt junior at Oregon State University (OSU) where he plays defensive back for the Beavers football team. He is a honor roll student and graduated in the spring of 2020 with a degree in digital communication arts. Like his father, Jaydon has elite athleticism, good instincts and dreams of playing in the big leagues.

Jaydon has five brothers, Amani, Elijah, Jonavan, Maxwell, and Omari, and two sisters, Maliah and Anaya. When he’s not playing football, Jaydon is active with his family and friends and in the community.

Jaydon’s dad is Brian Grant, NBA legend and BGF founder. Brian was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 36.

Manju Bangalore is a physicist, actor, and the founder of two nonprofits, Operation Period, focused on menstrual health, and Painting With Parkinson’s, which provides painting kits and art classes to those affected by Parkinson’s. She has worked at two NASA centers, Marshall Space Flight Center and Johnson Space Center, on propulsion and the cockpit displays for the Orion spacecraft, as well as in the White House under President Obama on science policy. She currently holds the title of Miss World Oregon and placed in the top ten at Miss World America.

Manju’s father, Phani, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010 when Manju was 12.

Mike McCastle is an American endurance athlete and strongman. In 2014, driven by a charitable purpose, he founded the Twelve Labors Project – an initiative through which he performs seemingly impossible challenges that push the limits of human performance. To date, Mike has set several world records while raising funds and national awareness in support of various causes such as Parkinson’s disease and Veteran mental health awareness.

As a teenager, Mike cared for his father, Raymond, who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Mike quit the basketball team to focus his time on his dad’s well-being. Eventually Mike made the very hard decision to leave his dad to join the Navy, where he served for 11 years. In 2014, Raymond McCastle passed away, inspiring Mike to start his Twelve Labors Project.