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Brian’s story

I want to tell you about a story that has been over a decade in the making. How the story of me became the story of us.

In 2008, I was newly diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s. I was 36 years old; a former NBA player with access to any resource available for someone like me. Problem was, I couldn’t find resources available to someone like me…

Three photos of a boy

Love, Mommy

By Amy Lavallee

Two people smiling at a camera

Wise Limits

By Ana Maria

Two people smiling at a camera

Now What?…Finding Balance

By Caryn Lee

A man leading a fitness class

Parkinson’s Merry Go Round

By Chris Daigre

A still from a video about hiking

Tin Woman In Action (spanish)

By Claudia

Two men playing ping pong against a young girl

More Than Just A Game

By George Lee

Two people at a walking event

We are the “Elites”

By Kamal Julka

A woman on a video call

The Life of the Party

By Megan Taye

A karate class for children

Never Give Up

By Nathan Ward

A woman standing in nature


By Serina Marie

A happy family smiling


By Amber Hersford