We’re teaming up with Boomerang Therapy Works for a PWR!Moves exercise class. Come out to try this Parkinson’s-specific exercise class and learn more about the programs offered at Boomerang and BGF. The class is free for new members – and there are only 10 spots available – so sign up today! Please note that there are only 10 spots available for new members of Boomerang Therapy Works. If you sign up and are unable to attend the class, please notify us so we can offer the space to others. Also participants should be able to stand unsupported and unassisted for this class. Thank you! Special thank you to the Hedinger Family Foundation, whose generous support allows us to provide this program for free to participants. Boomerang Therapy Works is located at 210 West 4th Street, Vancouver, WA. Register at www.bgf-boomerang.eventbrite.com.