Exercise for Parkinson’s Training for Professionals

BGF’s Exercise for Parkinson’s Training for Professionals incorporates many types of physical and cognitive activities to target specific mobility limitations that occur in Parkinson’s. Based on research from OHSU’s Balance Disorders Laboratory, the training covers the basics of Parkinson’s, safety considerations for exercise instructors and research on the most effective types of activities for people living with the disease. Then we take it to the gym to teach you how to develop a fun, group exercise class.

The fundamentals of this exercise training can be applied to just about any type of exercise program. Whether you’re a group fitness instructor, personal trainer or physical therapist, this training can help you work more effectively with students that are living with Parkinson’s.

Exercise for Parkinson’s Online Training for Professionals

Learn how to safely and effectively train people with Parkinson’s and earn continuing education credit with our online training for professionals. Visit training.briangrant.org to register for the training and participate in on demand webinars and video tutorials. The online training is free and exercise instructors certified through NASM and AAFA will receive continuing education credit.

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We also provide in person trainings throughout the year. Our trainings are open to physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, group exercise instructors and personal trainers.

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