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Brian’s Corner: My thoughts on dating with Parkinson’s

Some thoughts on dating with Parkinson’s…

Accepting that I have Parkinson’s has been the biggest part of being able to get on with my life. But even with that acceptance, I still struggle with confidence when it comes to social situations and dating.

I never really thought of myself as a smooth operator, but I was definitely smoother than I am now! In the last few years of dating with Parkinson’s, I find myself worrying about whether the other person is worrying about me, or whether they will be able to handle certain situations, like when I’m eating really carefully because I’m afraid that food will get stuck in my throat. And I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, which makes it hard to communicate about how I’m feeling.

But I also know that most of my thoughts are just stories in my mind. People know I have Parkinson’s. Even if I hadn’t been in the NBA, there’s no hiding my tremor, especially when I’m nervous about going on a date. So when someone goes on a date with me, they are choosing to be with me with all my cards on the table. And I have found that most people are actually really cool.

The truth is relationships are hard whether or not you have Parkinson’s. You have to be okay with things not always working out the way you’d like. What’s important is that we get our heads right and not let the stories in our mind keep us from living our lives.

And never give up on love.

What people in our community are saying about dating with Parkinson’s:

@heysuzie shared: My husband and I had that date where you go: I really really like this guy!!! Then he was diagnosed with PD at age 33. I was 26. We dated for almost 9 years bc John was fearful to propose. He didn’t want to “do thet to me.” We’ve been married 19 years. But I always want credit for the 9 dating years too. So 28, really.

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