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Photo of Larry Gifford
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New Host for On Time: A Parkinson’s Podcast

Photo of Larry Gifford

We are proud to announce our new host for
On Time: A Parkinson’s Podcast, Larry Gifford!

Larry is a rock star in the Parkinson’s community, tirelessly advocating for PwP in person and online, co-founding PD Avengers, which BGF is honored to be one of “The Original PD Avengers!”

As a seasoned leader in broadcasting and host of his own podcast, When Life Gives You Parkinson’s, he is a great fit for the job. This year, On Time: A Parkinson’s Podcast is in its fifth season launching April 1, 2024, Larry will lead conversations on a topic he champions: the stigma around Parkinson’s.

More About Larry Gifford

At the age of 45, Larry Gifford received the diagnosis of Parkinson’s in 2017. Since then, he has emerged as an ardent advocate and activist for the cause. Co-founding the Global Alliance to End Parkinson’s, also recognized as PD Avengers, Larry has committed himself to raising awareness and striving for a world free of Parkinson’s. In October 2023, he underwent a significant DBS surgery, marking a pivotal moment in his journey.

Larry’s impact extends to various fronts—he serves as a cohost of the When Life Gives You Parkinson’s Podcast, is a member of the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and holds a position on the editorial board for the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease. Through these roles, Larry plays a vital part in advancing knowledge and understanding within the Parkinson’s community. His dedication to research is evident through his contributions, including co-authoring three published papers that offer valuable insights.
Transitioning from a distinguished 30-year career in radio, Larry currently calls Vancouver, B.C., Canada, home. Alongside his wife and partner-in-Parkinson’s, Rebecca, and their son Henry, Larry continues to make impactful strides in the Parkinson’s advocacy space.

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