Rajiv Harry

Rajiv Harry is a Health and Wellness expert in Portland, Ore. Rajiv has cooked professionally in the culinary industry for over a decade and has been mentored by some of the regions best chefs. He was the Sous chef of the Northwest’s top catering company Vibrant Table before finding his true passion in the Health and Fitnessindustry helping others embrace a healthier existence. Learn more about Rajiv at embracechange.me.

Tiffany Kent

Tiffany Kent is a Portland-based TV chef, culinary instructor at Bob’s Red Mill Cooking School and food blogger at TabletoSoul.com. She is passionate about using whole foods and real ingredients to bring people together around the table. While she creates and shares a variety of recipes, (including gluten-free, vegetarian and paleo lifestyles), she is most passionate about finding hearty, healthy recipes that all people can enjoy!

Christa Knox

Christa Knox has been passionate about nutrition and the brain ever since she saw healing properties of food in her own life. She holds an MS in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine and is board certified in Holistic Nutrition. She has worked with the Brian Grant Foundation, the National Stroke Association, Oregon Health & Science University, Parkinson’s Resource of Oregon and Portland Community College.

Market of Choice

Market of Choice offers a relaxing, enjoyable shopping experience and an extensive selection of natural, organic, conventional and local products at affordable prices. Staffed by friendly people who care about the communities where they live and work, Market of Choice has 11 stores in Oregon, located in Ashland, Bend, Corvallis, Eugene, Portland and West Linn. Learn more at www.marketofchoice.com.