It takes a variety of activities to manage Parkinson’s symptoms.

The goal of the 60 minute program below is to incorporate a variety of activities into your workout to combat some of the mobility limitations associated with Parkinson’s. You can adapt the format to include different activities that you enjoy. You can also structure your workouts across a week, alternating strength, agility, balance and flexibility training on alternate days.

Our exercise videos, led by PT Jenny Wilhelm, follow the structure outlined in the table below. To follow along with Jenny at home, watch our exercise videos.

Activity Goals Time
Warm Up Gentle warm up and dynamic stretches 5 mins
Aerobic Activity Use high intensity and/or interval training to build stamina 15 mins
Agility Course Functional and fun with obstacles to negotiate
  • Shuffles, skips, high knees
  • Quick, wide, and big steps
  • Multiple and changing directions, turns
  • Big arms, rotating trunks
10 mins
Lunges BIG whole-body steps in multiple directions with reciprocal arm swings 5-10 mins
Boxing Sequencing and cognitive training with powerful, big movements and quick feet 5-10 mins
Tai Chi Balance, sequencing, relaxation and meditation 5-10 mins
Pilates & Yoga Transitions for every day skills and flexibility 5-10 mins
Total Time 60 mins