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Move of the Month: Balance

This month we’re focusing on balance exercises for Parkinson’s.

Balance problems are common in Parkinson’s. As a result it can limit your mobility and make it hard to do everyday activities. For this reason, February’s move of the month focuses on balance exercises for Parkinson’s. You can improve your balance by practicing a variety of movements as demonstrated in this video.

We’re teaming up with the Parkinson’s Fitness Project to bring you a move of the month in 2019. In this video Nate Coomer talks about the different types of balance. He also leads us through a few movements that can help to improve balance. By focusing on balance exercises for Parkinson’s, you can improve this symptom. Learn more about the Parkinson’s Fitness Project at

Watch the video and don’t forget to check out our other exercise for Parkinson’s videos!

Watch Balance Exercises for Parkinson’s Video

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