Get to know which fruits and veggies are in season right now, where to find seasonal produce in your area, and how to incorporate them into mouthwatering recipes.

Scientific research—not to mention common sense—taught us that eating a nutrient-dense, plant-based diet helps us look and feel better from the inside-out. It’s how we nourish our brains, optimize digestion and keep the other complicated systems of the human body running like a well-oiled machine.

To get the best nutritional bang for your buck, choose fresh produce over their canned, frozen or dehydrated counterparts. Better yet, if you really want to give your physical and mental health some extra love this summer, reach for the fruit and veggies that are in season right now.

Seasonal produce is fresher, tastier and packed with more nutrients. It’s also more cost-efficient since the rules of supply and demand dictate that the more abundant the produce, the lower the prices. Plus, acquiring seasonal produce from nearby farms boosts the local economy, which means you’re not only helping yourself – you’re helping your community.

It’s not always easy to tell which produce is in season because we live in an era of convenience. We see the usual fruits and veggies, such as lemons, tomatoes or broccoli, lining supermarket shelves 365 days a year. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are in season.

Should you avoid produce that isn’t in season? Of course not! Variety is the spice of life. Load up on as many fruits and veggies as you can. Should you avoid the canned, frozen or dehydrated versions? Not necessarily! As long as you’re putting fruits and vegetables in your belly, you are taking proactive steps to improve your health, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Where can I find seasonal produce in my area? is one of the most comprehensive national databases of seasonal produce available in the U.S. You can search by state or month to learn where and when local produce is in peak season in your area. You can also search by produce item to find out where and when your favorite fruits and veggies are at their ripest.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a program called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-ED) that offers nutrition education to fight obesity and improve health outcomes. SNAP-ED also has a helpful seasonal nutrition guide that explains which produce is in season across the U.S.

Living in the era of convenience isn’t always a bad thing now that we have subscription services like Full Circle, Farmbox Direct and Imperfect Produce that allow you to shop online for local, seasonal – not to mention affordable – produce and have it shipped directly to your door.

Which fruits and veggies are in season right now?

Summer is an excellent time of year to experiment with new recipes because markets and gardens are overflowing with vibrant veggies and plump, juicy fruits in their prime. Here are just a few summer seasonal staples that await you in the months of June, July and August.

• Arugula
• Beets
• Berries
• Cherries
• Lima beans
• Nectarines
• Okra
• Peaches
• Radishes
• Sugar snap peas
• Summer squash
• Tomatoes
• Watermelon
• Yukon gold potatoes
• Zucchini

How about some easy summer recipes I can try at home?

Say no more! It’s berry season for a reason. Try making your own healthy versions of ice cream or sorbet at home. Or blend up your favorite fruits and veggies with ice into a smoothie to get your daily nutritional requirements. Check out our smoothie guide for some fresh ideas.

Here are a few more recipes that incorporate summer seasonal produce:

Asparagus and Tomato Farro Salad
Healthy Zucchini Muffins
Garlic Roasted Radishes